Insights and Patterns in 2023 UFO Sightings - Exploring the Alien Phenomena

It is one of the great mysteries of the world - arguably even the biggest and who knows what the truth is when it comes to what the US government knows for sure about UFOs and alien life. Over the decades, there has been a vast amount of controversy about this subject, especially what goes on at the infamous Area 51, long rumored to be the site of testing extraterrestrial lifeforms.

There are even suggestions that not even the Presidents of the United States know exactly what the truth about UFO is. That being said, there have reportedly been many sightings across the US over the decades. Some which cannot through reasoned argument be logically explained, and others that do border on the ridiculous.

Delving into the Mystery of UFO Sightings

Following an in-depth study of a multitude of reports here at, we have been able to gather details of hundreds of UFO sightings and the minutiae of each one in order to provide you with enough information so that you might be able to draw your own conclusions.

Indeed, the Pentagon launched its own dedicated reporting platform - courtesy of the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena office, which prompted us to launch our own investigation into exactly what might be the truth behind all of the sightings across the country.

Furthermore, this also coincided with the appointment of NASA's first-ever Director of UAP Research, Mark McInerney, who has been liaising with the Pentagon. He revealed the protocol behind the new platform and the reason why this has been developed: "This reporting mechanism that is on the website is for people who think they have first-hand knowledge of clandestine programs that the government has been hiding. [If a] pilot's flying around, and he sees something in his airspace, and he needs to report it, that goes through operational channels."

Meanwhile, the's team explained the purpose behind the study and why there is so much fascination: "As a platform deeply rooted in the analytics of odds, the likelihood of encountering something as remarkable as a UFO fascinates us. It might compare to the thrill of winning the lottery — or perhaps it's more common than we think. I encourage both believers and skeptics to dive into our research and discover more."

Analysis of 2023 UFO Sightings Data from the US

The comprehensive amount of data that was collected showed a number of interesting revelations, which, to some degree, have a logical explanation.

As such, there are three states that makeup 28 percent of the total UFO sightings in the US in 2023 alone, out of 3,000 reports. These are California, Florida and Texas, big states, though also mainly flat for the majority, boasting substantial populations.

As you can clearly see in Figure 1, most commonly reported form of UFO sightings is a bright light in the night sky, followed closely by circle and orb figures.

Most common UFO shapes by States
Figure 1: Most popular UFO shapes

Texas is a state known for birthing some of America’s most famous athletes and its desert, the latter of which can easily explain phenomenal sightings, especially related to possible tricks of the light in such an expansive area.

Furthermore, the Texan desert has been known for decades to be an area where the US Air Force carries out drills with new fighter jets, which could further provide justifiable explanations for some reported sightings.

Many of the reports across the US all had similar characteristics; most of them involved a cluster of bright lights traveling at speed and forming different shapes, including rectangles, triangles and ovals, while others were seemingly indistinguishable.

In addition, there were other reports where people suggested that they had seen multiple UFOs at once, all very near to each other in the sky.

Patterns and State-by-State Discrepancies

One common denominator about the reports is that the vast majority of them all appeared to have occurred in the evening rather than through the afternoon or morning, indicating that some of these could well have been the result of recreational activities that possibly involve mind-altering consumption, such as alcoholic beverages or stronger substances.

Interestingly, New York - a state known for its high density of built-up areas and one that also is considerably smaller than most in the US, ranked fifth for the number of reported UFO sightings in 2023, with 133 in total.

It was curious that Nevada - home to some of the most famous land-based casinos in the world and the much-veiled Area 51, does not appear in the top 10 list of states for reported sightings, stoking the rumor machine even more about what the Pentagon may or may not want you to know.

The state with the lowest number of reported sightings of UFOs in 2023 was Rhode Island (Figure 2), with just two, while the District of Colombia was next with three. It is also interesting that many other states that ranked in the lowest 10 are significantly sparse in comparison, which would usually, historically, suggest that this would make for prime hotspots for hunting UFOs.

Indeed, the likes of Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and North and South Dakota are all states that have open countryside with little light pollution, arguably making them great possible sighting locations.

UFO sighting reports by states
Figure 2: UFO sighting reports by state

To What Extent Can UFO Reports Be Taken Seriously?

As with anything, it would be foolish to suggest that all 3,000 reports do not have at least some element of truth to them, and no doubt, people did see something, though, at the same time, most will likely have some form of logical explanation behind them.

On the flip side, no one knows for completely sure that extraterrestrial life forms do not exist, hence why it is still one of the biggest mysteries surrounding US culture, perhaps even more intriguing than who actually was behind the assassination of JFK.

With this new platform in place, it will be interesting to see whether there is an uplift in reports over the next few years and, exactly what the role of the US government will be from an operational perspective.

For decades, it has remained tightlipped about this topic, so it is intriguing as to why the Pentagon has started to, in quite a public way, take the issue a lot more seriously.

There is also the fact that there will likely be a lot of people who are obsessed with the possibility of other life in the universe and, because of this, convince themselves that a 'sighting' is actually that of a UFO and disregard others, arguably, more logical explanations.

What is for sure is that this will continue to be a fascinating subject for years to come, and the results of this study certainly demonstrate this.

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