Casa Real Casino MacauA Luxurious and Extravagant Gaming Venue

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Casa Real Casino Macau boasts 381 luxurious rooms, making it one of Macau's most opulent hotels and resorts. Established in 1993, it remains a paragon of architectural excellence, prominently situated near the Ferry Terminal. Being one of the most strategically based land-based casinos in the region, the venue is located just a 10-minute drive from Macau International Airport, it serves as an ideal gateway for incoming gamblers and travelers seeking both convenience and extravagance during their stay.

Casa Real Casino Macau
  • Address:1118 Av. do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macao
  • Opening Hours:24/7
  • Minimum Age:21
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +85328727791
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Amenities:
    • Bar
    • Swimming pool
    • Golf
  • Rating:

Gambling Floor and Games of Casa Real Casino Macau

The casino situated on the 1st floor takes up 35,000 square feet of floor space. There are a total of 53 gaming machines and 53 table games. However, only four table games are played here: baccarat, Commission-Free Baccarat, Sic Bo, and Fan Tan. The slots, electronic games and live games were previously stationed on the 2nd and 3rd floors, but since COVID, these floors have been closed. Table limits for Sic Bo start at MOP$50, going up to MOP$300 with baccarat.

Casa Real Casino Macau - Loyalty Scheme and Promotions

The casino rewards program has also been cut back, with far fewer benefits and perks. However, the dead chip program is still in force, with cashback returns of certain amounts rolled. Free hotel rooms are available from Sunday to Thursday with a buy-in of MOP$30,000 and Fridays and Saturdays for MOP$40,000. Yet, this lack of both a Players Card and ongoing promotions is not going to bother regular players or those simply looking for a good time.

High Quality but Limited Amenities

Those looking to relax have access to a small indoor swimming pool and a spa. The gym is on the smaller side and lacks the most basic equipment, but you are free to take advantage of it. In the lobby, there’s the Knights Bar with a great selection of quick bites and drinks. This is complemented by the two restaurants, one being thoroughly Chinese and the other offering international fare.

Casa Real Casino Macau
Casa Real Casino Macau

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