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The Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road, colloquially known as Grosvenor St Giles Casino, is located in London’s fashionable West End. The casino has a great variety of dining, gambling and betting options and multiple screens for sports enthusiasts to enjoy. The gambling venue is owned and operated by Grosvenor Casinos Limited, a company that has multiple high-quality brick-and-mortar casinos across London.

Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road
  • Address:262 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 7RG, United Kingdom
  • Opening Hours:24h
  • Minimum Age:18
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +44 20 7299 7600
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Amenities:
    • Bar
    • Fitness
    • Swimming pool
    • spa
    • Golf
    • Shopping center
  • Rating:

Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road Gambling Floor

The plush new Grosvenor St Giles Casino gaming floor offers American Roulette and Card Tables with blackjack, three-card Poker, and Punto Banco. There are also 39 'Sabre' electronic gaming terminals linked to two live roulette games and two automated wheels. It makes for an exciting gaming environment in which the atmosphere is described as ‘cheap and cheerful’, with a focus on unpretentious, casual gaming rather than an air of exclusivity.

Exciting Promotions at Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road

Grosvenor St Giles Casino provides members with the opportunity to experience a range of ongoing offers, such as the All In, Game On, Fan Zone, and Poker Hand experiences. The All In package includes a welcoming cocktail, half a bottle of champagne, and a 30-minute session at a private table. It also includes a £30 Grosvenor voucher and a Lucky Number Roulette Bet.

Members that want to experience the Game On package similarly are given a welcome drink, along with a half-hour of personal dealer tuition. Additionally, the Game On package also entails a £15 Grosvenor voucher and a complimentary gift the next time you visit.

In the Fan Zone package, you are treated to a welcome drink, a reserved seating area, a Lucky Number Roulette bet, a £15 Grosvenor voucher, and a £5 bet for the online casino.

The Poker Hand package encompasses a welcome beverage alongside a private two-hour dealer-led poker tournament. It also includes a £15 voucher, a Lucky Number Roulette bet, and admittance to the cost-free Daily Poker Tournament on

Amenities and Features of the Land-Based Location

While the casino does not have a traditional restaurant, it offers a comprehensive bar menu that goes beyond mere snacks and nibbles. The lounge area, situated away from the bustling casino floor, provides a relaxing space to enjoy your meal, brought to your table as soon as it's prepared.

The restaurant's cuisine draws inspiration from both Western and Eastern traditions, satisfying a variety of tastes. Complementing this, the bar offers a wide selection of wines, beers, and spirits from around the globe. It's not just about food and drink; the casino also hosts multiple screens for sports enthusiasts, showing Premier League football, rugby, cricket, boxing, and Formula One throughout the day and night.

With a bar open until 10 pm and restaurant dining with a range of platters of East and West cuisine, the Grosvenor St. Giles Casino makes for a perfect day or night in the West End. The venue also has facilities for fans to enjoy watching live sporting action. It has several televisions that display live coverage from Sky Sports.

Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road
Grosvenor Casino Tottenham Court Road

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