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With the looks of a classical palace straight out of a Disney cartoon, Impérial Casino Annecy adjoins the hotel of the same name and faces Lake Annecy. The Belle Epoch-style 99-room hotel combines the best of classical architecture with a modern flair in order to create a one of the most fabulous land-based casinos and hotels in France.

Not only is there a spectacular indoor gaming floor, but an equally wonderful games terrace overlooking the lake. Being a 30-minute drive from Geneva, the casino has a lively mix of Swiss and French players.

Impérial Casino Annecy
  • Address:1 All. de l'Impérial, 74000 Annecy, France
  • Opening Hours:10am - 4am
  • Minimum Age:18
  • Website:
  • Phone Number: +33450093261
  • Email:
  • Amenities:
    • Bar
    • Fitness
    • Swimming pool
  • Rating:

Gambling with a Lakeside View at Impérial Casino Annecy

There are a total of 165 slot machines including 3 terminals for Video Poker, 5 for Blackjack, 5 for Keno, along with 13 locally linked progressive jackpots with a top prize of €15,000. Minimum stakes for electronic Roulette start at €0.05, going up to €1.

At the blackjack terminal, things kick off with €2, with a maximum bet of €2,000. As for live games, there are just 2 tables for blackjack, 1 for English Roulette, and 1 for Ultimate Poker. Minimum betting limits for the blackjack and roulette both start at €5, with the former going up to a max of €500 and the latter, €100. As for poker, minimum bets are €15 with the maximum being €350. However, cash games for No-Limit Poker allows buy-ins from €250 to €5,000.

No Promotions Available Online

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of France, this casino stands out for its beauty. However, it lacks information for rewards or loyalty program online. To maximize your experience, we recommend inquiring about any ongoing promotions directly when you visit the venue. While the scenic surroundings offer a unique gambling atmosphere, the absence of a loyalty program is something to keep in mind for those looking for added perks and incentives during their gaming adventures.

Impérial Casino Annecy’s Fantastic Amenities and Dining Options

With its chic and contemporary decor, and situated in the East Rotunda of the Imperial Palace, the La Riva Restaurant serves its customers lunch and dinner with both seasonal French and Italian cuisine. Players can use the gaming terrace with its roulette table and a variety of slots, whilst enjoying drinks from Le Bar.

The hotel offers plenty of amenities including a health club with a spa, swimming pool, steam room and sports center, with plenty of outdoor activities such as canoeing, cycling, diving and windsurfing.

Impérial Casino Annecy
Impérial Casino Annecy

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