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European Roulette Gold Discover the Microgaming Game

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You can play roulette in a smart setting with the elegant European Roulette Gold title from Microgaming. It is a fairly straightforward version of the popular casino game that can be played by newcomers and experienced players alike. Let’s take a look at the rules and possible strategies involved in this game, as well as the different ways of playing for free or with your own money at stake.

Very Good85%
  • RTP
  • Features
  • Gameplay
  • Rules
    European / Single Zero
  • Called Bets
  • Demo
European Gold Roulette by Microgaming gameplay view

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Why European Roulette Gold?
Easy gameplay
Attractive layout
Good payouts

Basic Rules of European Roulette

There is nothing particularly complicated about this game. It follows the typical European rules, with a racetrack for orphelin bets. If you have ever played roulette before, you will feel at home right away. Standard European rules are in place on this European Gold Roulette online game. Among other things, this means that the wheel has a single zero on it.

More Details on the Special Features

The developers have decided to make this a simple roulette game with no real special features to add complexity. There is a racetrack, and call bets are possible. Therefore, you just need to choose from the main options that are listed below the wheel.

You can customize the bet layout if you want to. Otherwise, it is just a case of choosing your bet from a very standard-looking layout.

There are the usual types of bets available on this game. They include inside and outside bets with straight up on a single bet, odds, evens, and neighbor bets all possible. La Partage or En Prison rules aren’t included here.

European Roulette Gold
European / Single Zero
La Partage
En Prison

How to Play European Gold Roulette

It seems that this game has been created to let anyone start playing roulette with no delay. In a matter of seconds, you can select a size of chip, place it on the appropriate bet, and hit the ‘play’ button. A nice touch comes in the way that you are shown a close-up of where the ball finally lands.

Take your choice from a fairly wide range of betting levels. $10 is the maximum that you can place on a single number, with the minimum being $1. If you prefer an even-money wager, then you can choose anything between $1 and $80. Stakes on dozens can go all the way up to $70. You are advised when you reach the maximum stake on any particular type of wager.

The European Roulette Gold slot screen is bright and bold to look at. It contains a lot of information but remains easy to read. There are few ways to customize the gaming experience, although you can set up the betting area to reflect your preferences. A little button in the top corner allows you to turn the commentary and sound effects on or off too.

No Saved Bets
No Fast Play
No Autoplay
Yes Special features
Demo play of Microgaming's European Roulette Gold

Try the Free Demo Game

Since you have now read the details of this casino game, you might want to know how to find some European Roulette Gold free play options. We have included access to a demo game that you can use to give it a try just for fun.

Best Microgaming Casinos for Real-Money Play

Although European Roulette Gold is one of Microgaming’s older releases, you can still find a number of reputable online casinos where you can play the game, like the suggestions in the list below. Make sure you check out their detailed reviews and use our comparison tool to see how good their offerings are as against those of other brands. 1xBet

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200 Free Spins
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Are the RTP and Payout Figures Good?

Do you stand a good chance of winning more money than you lose on here? The RTP on this roulette variant is 97.30%. This is a standard figure that is widely used in the Microgaming range of roulette titles and represents a pretty low house edge. So, you can enjoy regular wins with a bit of luck, but the presence of the house edge is something that just can’t be avoided on any type of casino game.

You can win differing amounts if you correctly predict where the ball lands. The following are the different payout levels that you receive from the bets that are available for you to choose from.

As you would expect, the biggest wins come when you guess right on the straight-up bet option for a single number, which results in a 35 to 1 return.

Bet Type Covers Description How to Place Payout
Straight Up 1 Number A bet on a single number being the winning number. In the center of the number. 35:1
Split 2 Numbers A bet on two numbers next to each other on the table. On the line that separates the numbers. 17:1
Street 3 Numbers A bet on a row of three numbers (e.g. 1, 2, and 3). On the outside line at the start of the row. 11:1
Corner 4 Numbers A bet covering four numbers next to each other on the table. On the spot in the center of your four straight up numbers. 8:1
Column 12 Numbers A bet covering an entire horizontal row of four numbers. At the bottom of the columns. 2:1
Dozen 12 Numbers A bet on twelve numbers – either High, Middle, or Low. On one of the following areas: First 12, Second 12, or Third 12. 2:1
1-18 (Low) 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 1 and 18. N/A 1:1
19-36 (High) 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being between 19 and 36. N/A 1:1
Red 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being red. N/A N/A
Black 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being black. N/A N/A
Even 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being even. On one of the following squares, Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18 or 19-36. 1:1
Odd 18 Numbers A bet on the winning number being odd. N/A N/A

Is There a Strategy That Works for Real Money?

How can you hope to make the most of your money when playing this game for real cash? The truth is that you can approach it the way that you would when playing roulette in a land-based casino. Unlike some other online versions of the game, there are no gimmicks like two balls or multiple wheels to cover in this European Roulette Gold review.

This means that you can just concentrate on making smart wagers that help you to stay in control of your bankroll at all times. Whether you use an established roulette strategy or just follow your instinct is entirely down to you. There is a high degree of flexibility in terms of the amount and type of wager you choose, meaning that you can look for the approach that you feel happiest with.

More from Microgaming

Microgaming has long been regarded as one of the leading providers of games for online casinos. While they have some popular roulette titles like this European Roulette Gold game, they are probably best known for their extensive selection of slots, with branded titles such as Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park among them. Microgaming also offers blackjack titles like Premier Blackjack and Vegas Single Deck Blackjack.

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