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Perfect Blackjack Review An RNG Classic with a Twist

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Every Blackjack player has a different definition of perfection. Some are sticklers for the simple brilliance of the base game. Others are always looking for side bets-rich variants to enhance their experience. There are also those who value customization options and gameplay features.

With its “Perfect Blackjack” release, Playtech is aiming to provide a golden middle in which everyone feels welcome. Will it be ideal for you? That’s up for you to decide, but we’ll help you out by covering every detail in our Perfect Blackjack Review. If you like what you see, we also have recommendations on where to play it for real money at the end of this analysis.

  • RTP
  • Features
    Very Good
  • Gameplay
  • Rules
    Vegas Strip
  • Side Bets
  • Demo
Perfect Blackjack game info

Play Perfect Blackjack at Betfred

*18+ T&Cs apply.
Why Perfect Blackjack?
RTP of over 99%
Multi-hand Play
Ten Card Charlie Rule

The Basics of Playing Perfect Blackjack

This version of Blackjack follows a set of rules that are quite similar to the Vegas Strip ones. Six decks of 52 cards make up the shoe, which is shuffled after each game round. The dealer draws on soft 17 and stands on hard 17.

Naturally, splits and double downs are a part of the game, but there are specifics that you should know about. When you play Perfect Blackjack, you can’t further divide the initial split, but double downs are possible for each separated card. Hits are also allowed, except when you’re forming two hands out of a pair of Aces.

Lastly, you have the 10-Card Charlie rule in effect. If you hit until you get a 10-card hand without going over 21, you win. This decade is very hard to pull off, but it will even beat a dealer Blackjack.

Perfect Blackjack
Playtech gambling software supplier
Vegas Strip
99.3 %
Dealer Stands
On all 17
Peek Rule
10 Card Charlie Rule
Double Down
More Side Bets

Advanced Rules

We’re slightly disappointed that there’s no peek in Perfect Blackjack. As you might know, releases in which the rule is active are more player-friendly. The dealer will look to see if he has Blackjack when the face-up card is an Ace. If that’s the case, you will instantly lose, but you also won’t be able to double down and squander more money. On the bright side, this version will return half of your bet if you double down against a dealer’s 10-value card that turns out to be a Blackjack.

While playing Perfect Blackjack, you can also place side bets for player/dealer pairs. You’ll win if the first two cards in a given hand are the same (e.g., two 4s or two Jacks). The payouts are greater if the pair is of the same color or the same suit. You can find more details about these winnings in the below paragraphs.

How to Play Perfect Blackjack for Beginners

Before you do anything, look to the top of the screen. You’ll find a brown sign on the left side of the card shoe that will tell you the minimum and maximum wagers you can place. Hovering over it will also display the limits for the side bets. The stakes will differ per casino, so it’s good to know the Perfect Blackjack boundaries from the get-go.

Afterward, select a playing chip from the bottom of the screen and put it on one of the circles. If the amount is right, press “Deal” to start playing. If not, use “Undo,” “Double,” or “Clear Bet” to adjust.

Pro tip: pressing Shift + left mouse click on the circle will remove chips one by one.

When the game starts, buttons for hitting, standing, splitting, insurance, and doubling down will appear at the bottom of the screen. If you’re not sure what to do, refer to our strategy charts (JL to strategy h2).

Multi-Hand Play, Game Options, Side Bets

Using multiple hands won’t reduce the odds of Perfect Blackjack, but it will increase its volatility. In other words, you will win or lose more money over a shorter period. If you want to give it a try, load up the other four circles in our demo mode and see if you’ll like the higher variance. As for side bets, the player pair zones are on top of the wooden semi-circle. Meanwhile, the dealer side bet is slightly above the center of the screen.

Those of you who want to personalize their Perfect Blackjack sessions can change the color of the table. A button at the top left allows you to choose between nine hues. The volume slider is at the upper-right edge of the screen. If you want to tweak the audio settings even more, click on the spanner icon, then “Options.”

Perfect Blackjack by Playtech

Try the Perfect Blackjack Demo Mode Here

Now that you’re familiar with the ins and outs of this title, the only thing left to do is to try it out for yourself. Play Perfect Blackjack for free right here and become a master before you start betting with real cash.

Where to Play Perfect Blackjack for Real Money

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Betfred logo
  • 200FS
Not Accepted
Mansion Casino logo
Mansion Casino
Not Accepted
Bet365 casino
  • 100FS
Not Accepted
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  • 100
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RTP and House Edge on Perfect Blackjack

The odds of Perfect Blackjack are more than acceptable, as long as you stick to the basic wagers. A non-Blackjack win pays 1:1, while naturals – 3:2. Thanks to the advantageous rules, the theoretical RTP of the release stands at 99.58%. In layman’s terms, your chances of winning a round are almost 50:50, which is why Blackjack still has a reputation of being the best table game.

However, we advise you to skip the Insurance bet if you’re keen on extracting the maximum amount of money over the long term. The house edge there is greater, as the dealer won’t score a natural as often as one might think. The side bets are also a no-no for the prudent player, as their RTP rate stands at an inferior 93.89% despite the improved payouts. If you want to know the potential rewards from every type of Perfect Blackjack combination, see the below list.

Covers Payout
Blackjack 3:2
Winning Hand 1:1
Insurance 2:1
Perfect Pairs 25:1
Colored Pair 12:1
Mixed Pair 6:1

Use the Optimal Perfect Blackjack Strategy

While Blackjack offers some of the best returns in gambling, many people still avoid it because it requires a certain level of skill. Knowing when to hit, stand, split, and double down is truly crucial, but you don’t need to bribe pro players in a bid to get to their secrets. There is a method called “basic strategy” that gives you the most mathematically sound move based on your hand and the dealer’s face-up card.

Beneath this paragraph, you will see a chart that you can use for Perfect Blackjack and iterations of the game where the dealer stands on all 17s and uses 4-8 decks. Feel free to employ it while playing the demo or with real cash. There’s no time limit that forces you to make a move, so nothing is stopping you from reaching the great RTP rate, even if you’re a novice.

More Games and Casino Recommendations

Playtech, the studio behind this product, has developed some other excellent games of 21 throughout the years. Two of our favorite RNG releases from the company include "Blackjack Switch" and "Blackjack Surrender" . The former allows for better decision-making as both of the dealer’s cards are revealed at the start. The latter gives you the option to fold and retain 50% of your wager, which is great when your hand isn’t that good.

You can play Perfect Blackjack, and hundreds of other Playtech hits at top online casinos such as Mansion, bet365, and We endorse them because they have great bonus incentives in addition to premium live dealer sections with even more classic and exotic table games. If you’re curious to see how other software providers take on Blackjack, check out these standout reviews.

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