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Top 10 Exotic Casinos - From Monte Carlo to the Massive Gambling Potential of UAE

The global gambling industry is growing significantly, with more and more markets opening up each year as new countries approve legislation.

Millions of people visit casinos around the world on an annual basis in numerous locations. Of course, while you have the likes of Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the US, which attract people daily in the thousands, perhaps unbeknown to many, there are actually numerous other places around the world that play home to some exotic casinos.

So much so that even US companies such as MGM and Caesars have started to open land-based casinos in such locations, beginning to identify the potential that these places are associated with. For those people who prefer more variety to their vacation than a ‘Vegas style’ getaway, perhaps incorporating a beach, there are multiple exotic gambling locations around the world that cater to the best of both.

Over the next couple of years, there could even be two or three more places that begin to attract gambling visitors following the announcement that the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is considering passing legislation to allow gambling in their states.

As a result, this could well lead to multiple casinos appearing in places such as the already popular vacation spots of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which may mean even more construction projects that begin to kick off over the next few months.

While this is still early days, indications so far suggest that there is substantial weight behind this and, as such, it may well become a reality sooner rather than later. It is understood that a gambling commission for the region is already being put in place, led by industry veterans from the US. The latest announcement got us thinking of the best 10 exotic gambling locations around the world, and where better to start than the potential of the UAE?!

Best exotic gambling locations


Arguably the main hub of the UAE, especially for tourism, Dubai would likely be the leading contender for the most impressive casinos in the UAE. Over the last two decades, it has been transformed into essentially, an artificial, yet albeit impressive, urban paradise, funded by oil sales.

State of the art buildings, hotels and some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers is likely to leave you wondering about the scope of any gambling venues that appear here over the next few months.

Indeed, MGM Resorts International chairman, Bill Hornbuckle already having weighed in with his opinion: “The UAE is a fascinating opportunity,” he said. “The long-term potential on [gaming in the UAE] we think is pretty compelling.”

It is understood that the company has set aside a 150,000 square foot space in Dubai, should gambling be given the green light. If this happens, the Emirates could become the most lucrative gaming industry in the world, even bypassing Macau's gambling market.

Monte Carlo

For decades, the resort of Monte Carlo in the French principality of Monaco has been one of the ‘go-to’ places for celebrities who love gambling with this particularly known for its exotic elegance.

Home to some of the most stylish and opulent casinos in the world, many people still flock here on a yearly basis to get a feel for the glamour.

The Casino-de-Monte-Carlo is arguably the jewel in the crown, acting essentially as a showpiece for the resort, with its luxurious and imposing architecture for all to see from the outside and top-of-the-range service once you have entered.

Home to hundreds of multi-millionaires, billionaires and some of the most famous gamblers in the world, Monte Carlo is one place that does not need to worry about its gambling industry.


Over the last decade, this little Asian country and former British colony has emerged as a top tourist destination for those travellers wanting to experience something a little different.

With a vibrant culture, arguably the highlight is its bustling harbour. However, there are also a couple of centrepieces like the renowned Marina Bay Sands Casino is clear for all to see, with Singapore having emerged into somewhat of a gambling hotspot in recent years.

In addition, keen gamblers can also find impressive casinos from MGM among others, with Singapore offering plenty of options.


Staying in Asia but moving just slightly southeast, another country that has swiftly emerged as a gambling location over the last few years in the Philippines. The significant construction of casinos has seen the landscape change completely, with the region seemingly dedicated to help bring even more tourism to the area.

Not that it needs any help. Over the last half a decade, the Philippines (made up of over 7,500 islands), has become a vacation paradise, with many attracted by the stunning beaches and fantastic value for money.

For keen gambling enthusiasts also looking for beauty, the Philippines could well tick many boxes.

The Bahamas

In the heart of the Caribbean Sea another exotic location for gambling is the Bahamas.

On the stunning island of Nassau, keen gamblers have multiple casinos to choose from, each one designed to have a theme in-keeping with the relaxed and laid-back nature of the islands, though nevertheless still professional.

The main casino, Baha Mar, doubles as a five-star hotel resort and is perhaps, at the higher end of the market. Meanwhile players can also find multiple Island Luck facilities, which are more low-key casinos with a relaxed vibe and plenty of gambling tables.

Puerto Rico

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has many things to like about it, from its relaxed pace to the amazing beaches. Not known to a lot of people though, this is an island that is a bit of a hidden gem for gamblers.

It is definitely possible to come here and have the best of both worlds as far as a vacation is concerned.

With multiple casinos to choose from, you can stay at the Mayaguez Resort and Casino, or you can make visits to the appropriately named Ocean Casino, which has fantastic ocean vistas.

South Africa

One place that does not immediately spring to mind for many when thinking about gambling, is South Africa.

However, the country is home to several casinos, the largest of which can be found in the popular tourist resort of Cape Town. The Grand West Casino & Entertainment World has well over 2,500 slot machines, in addition to 79 gambling tables and poker facilities.

You can also head down to the paradise spot of Sun City, where you will find Casino Sun City, that has plenty of choice inside in addition to a welcoming feel.

Rio de Janeiro

One of Brazil’s most popular hotspots, ‘Rio’ is synonymous with many famous highlights, including the world-famous Copacabana beach, which is over-looked by the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue, so there is already plenty to do here.

However, what you might not know, is that the city is also home to several casinos, including the Rio Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort, which is over 266,000 square feet putting it up there as one of the largest casinos in the southern hemisphere. Meanwhile, you will find hundreds of slot machines and table games in addition to this being open for 24 hours per day.


Heading back to the Caribbean, this charming little island is another place that is beginning to establish itself as an exotic hotspot for keen gamblers.

Only a small island, but greatly appreciated for its beauty, starting with its beaches and crystal-clear water, there are also some world-class casino facilities.

You are able to choose from Casino at the Ritz-Carlton, The Casino at Aruba Hilton or Stellaris Casino among others as options, with each one having a considerable number of facilities to satisfy gambling desires.

Costa Rica

One of the largest and most beautiful countries in Central America, there is certainly a lot to like about Costa Rica.

When you have become accustomed to the slower pace of life and sampled its many stunning beaches and landscapes, you can enjoy one of the numerous casinos that you will find here.

Among others, you can choose from the Grand Casino Escazu, Casino Fiesta Herradura and Casino Fiesta Aurola, each of which varies differently based on style. However, you will find a great range of table games and slot machines, complemented by great service throughout.

Costa Rica casinos

Could United Arab Emirates Become a Possibility?

While this is not set in stone, the likelihood is that the UAE could become the next big gambling region. As a result, this means that almost overnight, a new form of tourist may flock to the various Emirates, regardless of whether this is Dubai, Abu Dhabi (the state’s capital) or Qatar.

Passing legislation will mean a significant and further boost to the nation’s economy as it looks to strengthen its financial position among Arab states following significant activity from Saudi Arabia.

As a result, it may just become the ultimate, exotic gambling hotspot in the next decade, as global gambling companies eye up prime real estate, to create venues that will bring in a substantial number of tourists from around the world.

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