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Why Casino Players Believe in Superstitions

The number 13, the color red, crossing fingers, rubbing the dice – many people who visit the casino will use or avoid certain things in an effort to invite Lady Luck. Superstitious beliefs have been proven to be able to boost a positive mindset. However, trusting in the merits of items and rituals can lead to irrational decisions like relying on good luck and fate rather than basing decisions on sound logic. 

Carrying lucky charms, bringing a partner along, betting on specific colors and particular numbers are all elements of superstition. And although actions associated with superstition may seem irrational, for some people, they can often affect choices made in the casino.

What Are Superstitions?

There are various superstitions

Superstitions are generally defined as beliefs in supernatural forces, like fate, and the desire to exert control over unpredictable aspects of a situation in order to resolve uncertainty. Superstitions are urged by individual beliefs and experiences, which makes them illogical and irrational.

According to scientists, superstitions occur when people assume that there’s a connection between non-related events. One example is the belief that charms bring good luck or keep bad luck away. Charms and rituals can help reduce tension and build reassurance despite the fact that the actual outcome of an event or situation is still dependent on known factors

Actions associated with superstitions can relieve anxiety in some people; however, they can also become a habit, and the inability to perform them may result in anxiety. That’s why it’s a good idea not to worry about good or bad luck, as it’s more a trick of the mind rather than anything else.

The Most Popular Casino Superstitions

We all want to create a little bit of extra luck whenever we can. If you find out about a superstition that has apparently worked for other people, you might think that it is worth giving it a try. In fact, gamblers all over the planet rely on weird and wonderful strategies based on the most popular superstitions. Which one of these have you tried? 

Choose Red for Luck

Red is commonly viewed as being the luckiest color, particularly in China and other Asian countries. This means that people will turn up at a casino wearing red clothing or shoes to try and give themselves an edge. Even a red object such as a piece of jewelry can be used to try and get a lucky boost.

This belief in the lucky nature of red can also be seen at the roulette wheel. There is an equal chance of red or black coming up, but more people prefer to bet on red. It should be pointed out that the biggest recorded streak in roulette history was a run of 32 red numbers in a row in Las Vegas in the 1940s. However, there is no logical reason to think that red is more likely to come up than black on any spin.  

Crossing Your Legs or Fingers

One of the most popular superstitions is to cross your fingers

Crossing your fingers for good luck is an ancient form of superstition. There are some different theories as to why it has become popular, such as the fact that the crossed fingers form the symbol of the cross. Regardless of how it started, this simple act has become hugely popular among lots of casino players.

A similar approach involves crossing your legs. In this case, the idea is to stop any bad luck from reaching you. However, some sources think that doing this is a bad idea, as it stops any good luck in the area from finding you. 

Find a Lucky Charm

Is there something that you have had with you when you have enjoyed great success in the past? Studies suggest that lots of us have converted everyday objects or pieces of clothing into our lucky charms that we rely upon. Even professional poker players and top sports stars have their own lucky charms.

An interesting alternative to this approach is to find a lucky friend to take with you. Whether you go to a land casino or play at online casino, having a friend next to you who seems to bring you good luck can be a great feeling.

Play Standing Up or Sitting Down

The way that you stand up or down while playing has no impact upon the cards that are dealt or the way the ball spins. However, this doesn’t stop many people from choosing one or other of these positions depending upon their previous wins or losses.   

Of course, you can put your body into any posture you like while playing at home, but land casinos often have rules about how you should play. We all know that this doesn’t make a difference in games of luck, but the temptation to carry on with a position you have already won in can be irresistible. 

Look at the Game or Not?

When you spin the reels on a slot or place your stake on the roulette table, do you watch the action or look away? Different people will choose one or other of these approaches, possibly depending upon what has worked for them in the past.

If you close your eyes or look away at the crucial moment, you will need to look back at the right time to see if you have won or if the outcome of the game has given you something else to do. This could be a bonus round to play or a decision on whether to gamble your winnings.

Choose a Lucky Number

The number 7 is the most preferred number

There are various numbers that are considered either lucky or unlucky in different parts of the world. Perhaps the most controversial is 13, as it is considered unlucky in many cultures. This is reportedly either due to Judas being the 13th person at the Last Supper or the fact that a certain Friday, the 13th saw the brutal end of the Knights Templar organization. 

Yet, in Asia, 13 is widely seen as being a lucky number. The number 7 is also regarded as a lucky number, while 17 has become a popular number to bet on at roulette.

Not Entering Through the Front Door

If you go to a physical casino, you will probably go in through the main door to start playing. Yet, some people believe that this brings bad luck, meaning that they look for an alternative entrance to use.

This casino superstition seems to have begun in Las Vegas in the 1990s when the MGM Grand casino got a new entrance that was considered to be unlucky by visitors. The same thing happened in the UK, with London’s Hippodrome Casino having to be re-designed after complaints that it was set up in an unlucky way.

Counting Money at the Table

This is another casino superstition that only really applies to playing in land-based establishments. In this case, there is some doubt about why gamblers avoid counting their money at the table. Some opinions state that it is bad luck, while others classify it as being rude.

Either way, as the Kenny Rodgers song The Gambler tells us, there’s plenty of time for counting your money once the game is over. If you are playing at home, you might decide not to look at your balance as you play if you think that this could cause your good luck to come to an end.

Whatever Works for You

Finally, what if you find that you win some money after doing something different from your usual routine? Whatever it is that you did could become linked to the win in your mind. This means that you will probably want to repeat it the next time. After all, this is how new superstitions are born and eventually become popular.

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