Ladbrokes Unveils New Campaign to Inspire Football Fans

The sportsbook Ladbrokes has introduced its new “Bring Your Wave” advertising campaign, which has been inspired by the iconic Mexican Wave seen at football games.

Ladbrokes celebrates football with a new advertising campaign.

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Comprehensive Advertising Campaign

With the European Championships and the 2024/25 football season approaching, Ladbrokes is aiming to boost fan excitement and provide new ways for customers to back their favorite teams.

The “Bring Your Wave” campaign is a comprehensive media initiative featuring a high-production online film, a large-scale TV advertisement, and an extensive Out of Home (OOH) campaign. As noted, it is designed to replicate the energy of the Mexican Wave, which represents communal enthusiasm that spreads across an entire city.

The film at the heart of the campaign begins with a shopper in an electronics store, captivated by a football player celebrating a goal on a TV screen by raising his arms. This action triggers a domino effect as people on multiple TV screens join in, creating a seamless wave of raised arms.

The wave spreads to the street, spreading through various locations, including an auction room, a judo class, and a garden. It builds to a man tying his shoelaces as the wave moves through a crowd of football fans heading towards a stadium, ending with the noise of the stadium crowd.

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Ladbrokes Aims to Inspire Football Fans

Developed by the creative agency Neverland, this campaign is part of Ladbrokes’ “We Play Together” series. Neverland joint executive creative director Rich McGrann noted that the new film celebrates the collective joy football brings to fans by presenting a familiar scene that everyone can relate to.

The campaign is supported by a media strategy from the7stars, targeting football fans across platforms including TV, video-on-demand, and OOH to ensure maximum visibility.

Bring Your Wave is a rallying cry that will resonate with football fans across the country. Our campaign celebrates their passion, elation, and energy.

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