Singapore Authorities Collaborate against Illegal Gambling at Euro 2024

Authorities in Singapore are gearing up to tackle illegal and problem gambling during the upcoming Euro 2024 football tournament in Germany.

Singapore boosts efforts against illegal gambling during Euro 2024.

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With the event set to run from June 14 to July 14, the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) have announced a concerted effort to clamp down on illicit gambling activities.

In a joint press release, the MHA and MSF emphasized their firm stance against illegal gambling, highlighting the absence of social safeguards such as expenditure limits and measures related to responsible gambling in such activities. They reiterated that Singapore Pools is the only licensed operator permitted to provide lotteries and sports betting services in the country, underscoring the illegality of unlicensed gambling activities.

Singapore's Enforcement Efforts and Public Awareness

The authorities emphasized their commitment to enforcing laws against illegal gambling, including actions targeting those who assist gambling syndicates. In 2023, the police conducted over 300 raids against illegal gambling activities, resulting in the arrest of more than 450 individuals. Collaborative efforts with stakeholders led to the termination of phone numbers and the closure of bank accounts associated with illegal gambling operations.

Highlighting past enforcement efforts, the ministries referenced the 2021 European Football Championship, during which 72 individuals were arrested in Singapore as part of an Interpol-led operation targeting illegal football gambling. Seizures included over S$800,000 in cash, along with electronic devices.

In addition to enforcement measures, the authorities announced plans for a public education campaign during the Euro 2024 tournament. The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) will strengthen outreach efforts, cautioning the public about the risks of excessive football betting. Advertisements will be disseminated across various media platforms, with a focus on raising awareness of problem gambling and encouraging responsible gambling practices.

Mr. Sim Gim Guan, chairman of NCPG, emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and community vigilance in mitigating the impact of problem gambling. The NCPC will complement these efforts with campaigns across TV, social media, and community events, emphasizing the dangers of betting with illegal operators.

The public is urged to avoid illegal gambling operators and to seek help for gambling addiction if needed. The National Problem Gambling Helpline is available for assistance, offering support and resources for individuals struggling with gambling-related issues.

More Regulation News

Safeguarding Communities amidst Euro 2024

Penalties for unlawful gambling include fines of up to S$500,000 and imprisonment of up to seven years for offenders. Repeat offenders face even harsher penalties, including fines of up to S$700,000 and imprisonment of up to 10 years. Individuals found guilty of gambling with unlicensed service providers may face fines, imprisonment, or both.

As Singapore prepares for Euro 2024, the authorities are committed to safeguarding the community against the adverse effects of illegal and problem gambling, emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling practices and community support in mitigating these risks.


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