Spelinspektionen Licensing and Regulation of Sweden's Gambling Market

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The Swedish Gambling Authority, popularly referred to as Spelinspektionen, stands as a beacon in the world of gambling regulatory bodies despite being one of the more recent entrants. Its primary mission is to uphold the principles of legality, safety, and trustworthiness within the Swedish gaming and gambling landscape.

By doing so, it offers consumers a robust platform equipped with essential tools to indulge in fair gaming practices. This is made possible due to its commitment to fostering a transparent and well-balanced gaming environment. Furthermore, Spelinspektionen is dedicated to championing responsible gaming, ensuring that it actively mitigates any adverse societal impacts stemming from the gambling sector.


How Does Spelinspektionen Oversee Swedish Gambling?

Spelinspektionen operates as the Swedish Gambling Authority. It was founded in 2018 in response to the new gambling industry within Sweden, which the government would no longer have a monopoly on. The authority is responsible for ensuring that the country's gaming regulations are met and that live casinos and gambling companies operate legally and in a safe and trustworthy way. It also issues permits for lotteries and has the overall responsibility for the control and supervision of all gambling activities across Sweden.

Spelinspektionen is controlled by the country’s Ministry of Finance and its Board is appointed by the Government. It is the Director General who manages the activities and is also a member of the Board. At the same time, the gambling regulation authority has several other duties, which include:

  • Providing consumers with resources and tools to maintain a transparent and balanced gaming market.
  • Working to ensure the gambling market in Sweden is safe and secure.
  • Working with all relevant law enforcement agencies to reduce illegal gambling.
  • Spelinspektionen grants licenses for national lotteries, gambling machines, restaurant casinos and bingo halls.
  • Taking responsibility for compliance and supervision of gambling operations.
  • Providing proper training and information to operators on gambling legislation.
  • Providing regular updates to the government about developments within the local and global gaming markets.

Spelinspektionen Licence Requirements and Fees

Operators from around the world can apply for licenses from the Swedish Gambling Authority. This is required whenever offering gambling for money within Sweden. The market is divided into three areas, which are online gambling and betting, lotteries, land-based bingo, state-run brick-and-mortar casinos and token machines. To apply for a license, the forms and all information are only available in Swedish at the official Spelinspektionen website. At the same time, any documentation relating to the application must also be in Swedish, with correct translation, if required.

All applicants receive a registration number, which must be entered on the payment and when contacting the regulatory body. Applications will only be processed once the Spelinspektionen application fee has been accepted. Payments must always be made in Swedish kronor. From July 1, 2023, the fees for licenses are as follows:

  • Licence for a State Lottery or Land-Based Slot Machine Outside a Casino: 200,000 SEK + 2,000 SEK per slot in respect of land-based ATMs outside a casino.
  • Licence for Casino Games in a Casino: 200,000 SEK.
  • Licence for Commercial Online Gambling or Betting: 230,000 SEK.
  • Licence for Commercial Casino Gaming: 25,000 SEK if the applicant is a natural person, 80,000 SEK if the applicant is a legal entity + 3,000 SEK per slot.
  • Game Software Licence: 120,000 SEK

How Are Complaints Issued and Handled?

The Spelinspektionen takes complaints and reports of operators running rogue businesses very seriously. They don’t guarantee a response to such, although this is primarily in the case of instances where money has been lost on placed bets or within a gaming machine. You can issue such complaints here at the official Swedish Consumer Agency website.

Yet you can still contact the authority for other complaints. You should always try to resolve any issues, for example, with games, casino payment methods, etc., with the operator directly first. If this doesn’t yield satisfactory results, then you can contact Spelinspektionen. Telephone, email and fax communication is supported by the regulatory body. To do this, navigate to the website and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, which will display all the necessary numbers and email addresses to use.

Spelinspektionen's Types of Licences Explained

When you visit the website of Spelinspektionen to apply for a license, you will need to choose which type of license is the right one for you. On the first page of the web application, there are several license types listed, which are:

  • State Gaming
  • Games for Public Benefit
  • Community Games
  • Commercial Online Gaming and Betting
  • Annual Land-Based Commercial Card Game in Tournament Form
  • Permit for Possession of Money, Value and Commodity Gaming Machines
  • Game Software Licence

How to Find Out If a Casino is Regulated by Spelinspektionen

If you’re visiting an online casino or other gambling site and you want to know if it holds a proper licence, you can seek this information out easily. Most platforms holding licenses from UKGC, Spelinspektionen, and MGA will often display the seal of the brand on its site, likely in the footer with the regulatory body’s own logo there to highlight it. Alternatively, you can visit the Spelinspektionen website to find the operator of the site. It lists all current licensees in a single section of the website.

Spelinspektionen logo 01

Scroll to the bottom of the online casino to find the Spelinspektionen certificate logo.

Spelinspektionen website 02

Visit the Spelinspektionen website and click on ‘Licenses and Permits’ to search for the operator.

The Swedish Regulator's Benefits and Liabilities

There are various benefits to an operator holding a license from Sweden’s Gambling Authority. This includes the no-nonsense approach to licensing and responsible gambling that the body has, the strict regulations in place for licensees and the focus on gamblers alongside.

  • Has its own strong stance on responsible gambling
  • Strict regulations in place to prevent rogue operators
  • Focuses on the player's safety and comfort
  • Not as renowned as other operators due to its recent creation

Casinos Regulated by Spelinspektionen

Sweden has always had a gambling industry that many European countries have looked upon as being profitable. Yet because the government had a monopoly on gambling for such a long time, they couldn’t access it.

Since opening up its market to outsiders, a flurry of operators have applied for licenses there. Spelinspektionen provides a fair, high-quality, well-regulated and strict jurisdiction. This is why so many casino operators turn to it for licensing.


How Old Is the Spelinspektionen Regulatory Body?

Spelinspektionen was founded in 2018 when Sweden opened its iGaming market up to native and overseas gambling operators.

How Much Does a Licence from Spelinspektionen Cost?

Different licences cost different amounts, but for offering casino games online, a licence costs 230,000 SEK.

How Can I Make a Complaint to Spelinspektionen?

If you visit the official Swedish Gambling Authority website, you will be able to see the various methods of contacting the authority, also you can visit the Swedish Consumer Agency and issue your complaint there.

How Do I Know If a Casino Has a Spelinspektionen Gambling Licence?

If you scroll to the bottom of the casino site, it should display the Swedish Gambling Authority logo there. Otherwise, you can visit the official website of the regulatory body to search for the operator.

Where Is Spelinspektionen Based?

The Swedish Gambling Authority has its headquarters in the municipality of Strängnäs.