How Important Is Bankroll Management?

One more game. I’m on a roll. I can double my money. – Similar thoughts have gone through the head of anyone who has ever played a game of chance. As much as some hate to admit it, our rationality can often disappear while gambling. Emotions take the driver’s seat, and more often than not, they lead us into trouble.

Some players will say that that’s the nature of the game. While there’s truth in that statement, busting your account balance quickly is neither necessary nor unavoidable. Savvy bettors use a strategy called bankroll management. It helps them endure the bad streaks and gives them a bigger chance of inviting luck on their side. This guide will show you how to implement it; all you need is a bit of discipline and a willingness to learn.

What Is Bankroll Management for Blackjack, Poker, and Other Casino Games?

So, what exactly is casino bankroll management? It’s the subtle art of dividing the money you’ve set aside for gaming into small, equal portions. You use one portion – also known as a gambling unit – for one wager. This deceptively simple concept can make all the difference between a disastrous playing session and a successful one. You can use for practically any activity where betting is involved. Cash game bankroll management and other variations are quite popular in poker, but one can employ it for blackjack, slots, roulette, sports betting, and anything else along those lines.

What is a bankroll in gambling?

Another word for the money you’ve set aside for gaming. If you deposit €100 at an online casino, that amount is your bankroll. The term applies to all types of gambling;

How much of my bankroll should I bet?

Depending on your risk tolerance, it can be anywhere from 1% to 10%. We advise you to stick between 3% to 5% or €3-€5 bets for a balance of €100.

The Benefits of Casino Bankroll Management

We understand that adopting this approach might not be easy, especially if you’ve played for a while and done things completely differently. Still, bankroll management offers big advantages that you should consider. They include:

Safer gameplay


By using this strategy, you won’t get the thrill of doubling or tripling your bankroll in one play. However, you also won’t feel the dread of putting all your eggs in one basket and squandering it in one fell swoop. Variance is the only constant in gaming, and employing a disciplined approach is the best cure for it.

Longer sessions


Reduced risk of losing = increased length of playing sessions. Gambling bankroll management is crucial from a psychological standpoint, as you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite games, take a break once you’re satisfied, and come back on another day.

Fewer fees, more bonuses


If your casino charges fees on every transaction, you’ll save money by increasing the time between deposits and withdrawals. It makes a considerable difference in the long run. Also, top online operators like the ones we review will send you individual bonuses from time to time. You can enroll and increase your balance for a greater chance of making a profit.

A Guide to Bankroll Management: Spreadsheet Use, Calculators, and Where to Start

Have you ever met bankroll management geeks? Then chances are that they’ve overwhelmed you with talk of complex terms, calculators, and spreadsheets.

Although it’s good to be an expert in this field, you don’t need rocket scientist smarts to succeed. Implementing a few simple steps will allow you to reap most of the benefits while keeping your sanity. To make things easy, we’ve created a step by step example guide. Substitute the figures, apply the principles, and you’re set.

  • 1. Start with your average monthly income and decide what portion of it will go to gaming. Will it be 1%, 5%, or 10%? That’s up to you but only play with cash you can afford to lose. The sum becomes your monthly bankroll, which you can further divide depending on how often you play.
  • 2. Once you’ve set up your budget, it’s time to start doing casino bankroll management. Divide your session balance into equal units. A golden rule here is to make them large enough so that you care about the eventual winnings, but also small enough to bet at least 10 times. For a €100 playing allowance, you should bet €10 at most, with €3-€5 being a good middle ground.
  • 3. Set win/loss limits. Cutting your losses and calling it a day while you’re ahead are two very important gaming habits.
  • 4. Stick to the plan and carry it through. If the game includes side bets that you want to wager on, make sure that your total bet does not exceed one gambling unit.
  • 5. Make adjustments when necessary. If your balance goes up or down, you might want to adjust the bet size/unit accordingly. This is a useful option, especially when you find a bankroll management calculator online. To avoid constant calculations, you can recalibrate on balance shifts between 20%-30%.
  • 6. There’s no need for elaborate spreadsheets at the start. If you feel like it, record your balance before and after a session. What gets measured gets managed, and besides, you can easily notice the difference between using a strategy and winging it.

Using Casino Bonuses for More Liberal Gambling Bankroll Management

Online casinos are known for offering attractive promotions for players, and it makes sense to take advantage of them. These deals can increase your deposited funds and reduce the house edge, factors that are essential when trying to win. High stakes bankroll management also becomes easier. However, it’s vital that you’re familiar with the caveats that accompany such deals.

Almost every online offer comes with T&Cs. You need to know how wagering requirements, weight contribution, and other stipulations will affect you when trying to withdraw a bonus. For more information, read our dedicated casino reviews and bonus guide.

Welcome Bonuses and Deposit Deals

A good online casino will reward your first deposit with a welcome package. These promos usually include a deposit bonus that will boost your initial investment. You can use the funds for playing slots, table games, and card games like blackjack and poker. Bankroll management becomes more enjoyable when you have more to play with.

Some operators might add free spins for slots to the initial deal. You can check out the attractive offers of Mr Green, 22Bet, and in the table below. Others, like 888 Casino, will generously provide a no-deposit bonus with which you can try the concept for free. Heading to the “Promotions” tab of these casinos will reveal similar deposit deals that you can use at a later point.

Casino Welcome Bonus Casino Games More Information Play Here
Bet365 casino
  • 100FS
950+ Read Review
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Mr Green casino
Mr Green
  • 20FS
1200+ Read Review
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PlayOJO casino
  • 50 FS
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22Bet casino
  • 450
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*18+ T&Cs apply to each offer. Click "Claim Bonus!" for more information.

Loyalty Programs and Comp Points

You might have noticed that online venues often have loyalty programs. It pays to be a member of these often-called “VIP Clubs,” as invited players are pampered with perks like better bonuses, faster banking, and invitations to renown events and holidays. Bankroll management is a long-term strategy that can help you reach these levels through lower risk of ruin, a term for busting your account. It allows you to wager for longer and gives you a higher probability to win and bet with said winnings.

On the other hand, we have comp points – small tokens that are awarded while you play with real money. Once you gather enough, you can exchange them for bonus money or real funds.

Use Built-In Features for Easier Bankroll Management Online

There are certain tools you can use to your advantage whether you’re playing poker, slots, or baccarat. Bankroll management and the limits you set can be easily adhered to. For this purpose, you need to find the responsible gambling features offered by your operator.

Licensed and respected iGaming establishments allow you to set daily, weekly, and monthly caps on your deposits. After you set them up, you’ll be able to change them. However, increasing these limits usually prompts a 24-hour delay so you can think it through. If you want to reduce expenses, one thing you could do is to check whether casino fees are attached to your deposit methods. You’ll benefit from switching to a free banking option or looking for a new casino altogether.

Bankroll Management with Progressive Systems and Strategies

You might have heard of strategies like Martingale, D’Alembert, and James Bond. These are just some of the progressive/regressive systems that players use in roulette and other forms of gaming. If you play them correctly, bankroll management is embedded in these methods, as you’ll have to stick to a betting size that changes in accordance with the outcome of the game.

However, keep in mind that you still won’t be able to overcome the house edge with these approaches. They seem sensible in theory, but the limits of your bankroll and the table is where they fall flat.

Know the Games You’re Playing

Knowing the best bankroll management strategy is only half the battle. To be successful, you’ll have to understand the games of chance you play. Familiarize yourself with the theoretical RTP rate and see if you have to do something to reach it.

For example, some slots have paylines that aren’t active unless you hit a certain bet level or amount. If you don’t activate them, your potential returns will decrease. Playing blackjack optimally requires you to use “basic strategy,” otherwise you won’t reach that fabled 99.5% RTP. Side bets are attractive, but oftentimes the house edge there is higher.

Do the Math, Play Responsibly – a Long-Term Bankroll Calculator Tool

Momentary wins or losses can be quickly forgotten. If you want to get a good perspective of your actions, what you need to do is look at the bigger picture. On our page, you’ll find a bankroll management app that calculates how much you invest on average over the course of a year.

If you think the total amount is too much, you can always take action to limit your spending and losses. Support organizations like, GamCare, and Gamblers Anonymous are always there with practical advice. Don’t hesitate to use them if you feel it’s necessary.

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A Different Perspective Is the Best Bankroll Management Strategy

When it comes to casino games, the odds are always against you. For this reason, it’s important to see gaming as a way of entertainment and not as a reliable source of making money. Casino bankroll management won’t magically help you beat the house.

However, it can remove the risk of wiping your account balance instantaneously, prolong your sessions, and get you more value out of your budget. In other words, it gives you the possibility of control, but the only way to make it happen is through action and discipline.